Welcome to the open skies of Outback Queensland

Outback Aerodrone Centre of Excellence is an initiative of the Central West Queensland Remote Area Planning & Development Board. 
We’re opening up the vast opportunities our region has to offer to the world’s drone businesses, users and enthusiasts  - starting with our first site in Barcaldine, Central West Queensland (CWQ).

“Connect to the ideal location and deliver a unique and successful event."

From product testing, to corporate events, to hosting drone racing, Outback Aerodrone can work with you to identify and connect to the ideal location so you can deliver an event like no other.

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Evaluate, test and validate your prototypes and projects before releasing them to market in large, private spaces.



Fly in the open skies of CWQ, gather and validate data collection. We can connect you with a range of options to meet your needs.



Impress your clients performing demo flights and presentations in open unique locations, including BVLoS (CASA approval responsibility of individual operator/company). Grow your market by being a part of the Outback Aerodrone Centre of Excellence.



Bring the world of drone racing to CWQ. Organise a drone race in the perfect location – clear, open skies. Enjoy 14 hectares of open ‘rangelands’ to set hoops, gates and other obstacles in an exciting event. Ready to be the first of its kind in Remote Queensland? Contact us now!



  • Locations available across our region ensure optimal flying conditions, total privacy, and easy access to accommodation and facilities. Our first site is a 15 minute drive from township of Barcaldine.

  • Remote with very low population density

  • Testing conditions that reach just below 0°C and over 40°C

  • Direct flights from Brisbane, just over two hours. (Return flights Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday to Barcladine. Daily flights to Longreach – 1 hr drive).

  • 330 VFR days a year (90%)

  • Rich, natural diversity for remote sensing

  • Internet and mobile cell coverage

  • Other locations in Central West Queensland (highlighted in yellow) are also available

Did you know? Our region has a long, proud history of aviation


Outback Aerodrone can arrange equipment/facilities, on request, to assist with your mission, including:

QANTAS was born in the Central West Queensland towns of Winton and Longreach.

  • Ground Control Station Area

  • Hangar

  • Outbackhubs Virtual – a network of physical

  • meeting/co-working spaces and virtual meeting ZoomRoom platform

  • Training and meeting rooam

  • access to basic mechanical and electronical equipment.

Compliance of all CASA regulations and other legal and insurance responsibilities lie with individual operators or companies. All approvals must be made eveident to Outback Aerodrone prior to the event.


At our Outback Aerodrone’s flight testing sites for UAVs you can fly your drone in clear, open skies with low population density.  
These unique sites in remote Queensland offer the open, uncongested airspace perfect for BVLOS.  
Our first site at Barcaldine offers: 
Size: 2.500ha
Ceiling: As per individual CASA approval.


Fly your UAV multicopter or fixed-wing in this fantastic environment. Test data collection, remote sensing, precision positioning systems. Check the real spatial resolution of sensors. All within proximity to the friendly, local environment of Barcaldine and other Central West Queensland towns.


Is this your first trip to our region?
Not sure of the local knowledge

The Outback Aerodrone team can also assist with information regarding flight options, accommodation, catering, on-the-ground travel and all other local aspects. Visit our website for more details. 
Our energetic team will also be able to assist with local bookings, transfer coordination to many sites across our region - making your mission preparation hassle free.
Want to make the most of your visit and see some of amazing Outback Queensland? Our local tourism networks mean we can help you enjoy the unique and diverse experiences our region has to offer.