Fast drone facts from CASA

  • Australia now has 244 more drone operator certificate holders (1, 106 RPA operator's certificates or ReOCs) than manned aviation certificate holders (862 air operator's certificates).
  • These 1106 drone operator certificate holders employ more than 5,870 remote pilots around Australia. 
  • Since the new drone rules were introduced in September 2016, more than 6000 people have registered their details and notified CASA of their intent to fly commercially, agreeing to follow strict safety rules. 
  • Recreational fliers also need to follow simple rules to keep everyone safe. 
  • This includes being able to see their drone at all times, not flying closer than 30m to people, and not flying over populous areas, and not flying higher than 120m in controlled airspace. 
  • CASA launched its 'Can I fly there?' drone safety app in May 2017 and has reached over 72,000 downloads/unique users.

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Source: CASA Drone Fast Facts, 2017. 

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Harri Arnold