No time for drone cowboys at Outback Aerodrone

Flying drones/remotely piloted aircraft in Australia: what you need to know
We might have a few cowboys out in Central West Queensland but Outback Aerodrones and its partners certainly aren’t when it comes to safety and following UAS regulations.

We’ve ensured our event is fully compliant with CASA, as well as any local government regulations. All exhibitors and attendees will also be required to follow these expectations where applicable.
If a bad cowboy pun isn’t enough to get your attention, consider the risk of facing a fine for not following rules that are only a tap on your phone away.
Take a look at CASA’s easy to navigate information on understanding drone safety rules from flying commercially to recreationally. Here you can download the ‘Can I fly there?’ drone safety app.  

The app reflects the standard operating conditions for those flying their drone recreationally or commercially (under the excluded category of commercial operations) and is a valuable educational and situational awareness tool for drone flyers.

The inaugural Outback Aerodrones Symposium will be held in Barcaldine, Central West Queensland, from 11-12 August 2018, showcasing drone, technology and data solutions.
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